Pre-Congress Workshops – Full Day

WP1: RAYMOND DIGIUSEPPE – The Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Anger Problems

WP2: CHRIS IRONS – Working with Self-Criticism using CFT

WP3: PAUL SALKOVSKIS – A practical guide to CBT for Obsessive compulsive disorder: a masterclass

WP4: MARIA DE CÉU SALVADOR – Acceptance and Compassion based interventions for Test Anxiety: New approaches for an old problem

WP5: MARGO ONONAIYE – Chipping Away at the Marble: Developing Supervision Skills in Culturally Responsive Supervision

WP6: JAMES BENNET LEVY & JAMES HAWKINS – Entering the World of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

WP7: MEHMET SUNGUR – Cognitive Behavioural Systems Approach to Couple Problems

WP8: AGNIESZKA POPIEL – Treatment and prevention of PTSD. A non-trauma self-efficacy-focused cognitive therapy approach

WP9: RICHARD BENNETT – ACT and the Self: From Self Esteem to Self-Acceptance

WP10: MARK FREESTONE – What did we learn from the pandemic? Using our enhanced understanding of uncertainty to address life disruption, real world threats, and unavoidable unknowns in people’s lives

WP11: HAKAN TURKCAPAR & KADIR OZDEL – Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Panic Disorder